The University of North Dakota reveals the new Fighting Hawks merchandise line.

This is the first line of merchandise bearing the name and new logo.

KVRR caught up with UND fans, current students and graduates to hear what they think about the new gear.

UND supporters gather for the big release of the new merch, and there's a ton of it too.

The UND bookstore gave away hockey pucks with the new logo to the first 500 customers today.

They ran out within two hours.

From bedazzled shirts, to hats, pants jackets, t–shirts for a number of sports at the University, they have it all.

It's about time too.

The team was without a mascot from 2012 to this June.

"You know we've been waiting for this for years. Ever since we stopped selling the old logo we've been counting down to this day when we have something else. It's been hard to find merchandise that has just North Dakota on it that looks attractive that people want to buy so having the Fighting Hawks name and now the logo is great," says UND Book Store Manager Griffin Gillespie.

"Oh it's great I mean they've been mascot–less for four years," says UND Fan Austin Pham.

For the most part it seems like people like the logo.

"I actually really like it. I think the simplicity is good. I like that the ND is behind the hawk head. I like that they kind of kept the almost feather look too," says UND Graduate Student Setareh.

"Oh I love the new logo. It's a nice change from the old one," UND Fan Nick Tullemans says.

Everyone has their favorite new merch too.

"The UND Hockey Jerseys. The new ones," says UND Fan Tommy Mikkelson.

Now it seems like most people we speak to are fully willing to embrace the new Fighting Hawks Logo although there are still a few who aren't ready to give up their Sioux heritage yet.

"It's going to be hard to wear the Hawks clothing now. I don't know my mom is refusing to for sure," says UND Alumni Kailee Fruetel.

"I think it's alright but I like the Sioux a little better too," says UND Fan David Dahlgren.

"It's alright. I think they could have put a little bit more effort into it but same team new logo," says James Brown, a UND Fan.

That's really the take away here.

Regardless of people's feeling towards the new look they're behind UND all the way, Fighting Sioux or Fighting Hawks.