The biggest city in Barnes County prides itself on its looks.

But vandalism on one of the town's newest projects is causing quite a stir.

Police in Valley City are looking for a vandal or vandals that wrote drug–themed messages on a brand new flood wall.

The wall along the Sheyenne River hasn't been completed yet.

It's a flood protection effort backed by both the city and state.

"We don't want the flood walls, because there's going to be a lot of them around town, to become a tagger's paradise so to speak," Valley City Police Chief Fred Thompson says.

Some of the inappropriate sayings have been cleaned up by the Public Works Department, but the cost of the cleanup hasn't been disclosed as of yet.

The Chief says whoever did it, is gonna get the bill.

The Valley City Police Department is offering a $1000 reward and is asking anyone with information on the vandal to give them a call.