This week commemorates the annual Pride celebration.

And for some in the Valley, this festival means more than just a good time.

FM Pride starts up Thursday night with events in both Fargo and Moorhead.

The LGBTQ community uses this time to include everyone in this celebration of life and love.

The modern Pride movement started after the Stonewall Riots in the late 1960s to make sure that LGBTQ people are treated equally and have a safe space.

"It's a week to really celebrate what has happened historically, monumentally, and where we're going forward," says FM Pride Volunteer Chair Christina Lindseth.

Here in Fargo–Moorhead, the times are looking ahead to local businesses hosting events for the community and be a platform for their patrons to just be who they want to be.

"We want to say that we're an open space here to anyone in the community and hope to create a welcoming environment," explains Rhombus Guys Assistant Manager John Rian.

And a lot of events for Fargo–Moorhead Pride are happening right here in downtown Fargo.

From a parade and karaoke night, to a 5k and interfaith service, there are a lot of ways for people to celebrate being who they are over the next four days.

"Pride is so much fun, it's a wonderful event to go out and celebrate diversity and to just be themselves," says Usher's House General Manager Anna Weisenburger.

Celebration aside, it's to show that everyone should be treated equally.

"There is still a need to be very visible, very present but yet do it in a positive way which is what Pride is all about," says Lindseth.

Different Pride events will be going on throughout the week.

For more information on the festivities, click here.