While the Olympics in Rio continue in full swing, kids and parents in the valley are taking part in the Yunker Games.
Bicycle racing, yoga classes, and obstacle courses are being used to educate kids about staying healthy and fit.

While some Americans are competing with worldwide athletes, kids in the valley are here for a little more friendly competition.

For Samantha Laske, organizing this event is just like going outside when she was a kid.

"I think that's a big part of growing up is being able to be outside and playing and exploring. It's easier for the parents to just set them in front of stuff." Laske says.

With all the iPads and video games, Sam says today's kids don't play outside as much and hopes after today, they're inspired to go outside and play more often.

It's more than outdoor activities.

Organizers say it's a lifelong lesson in staying healthy.

"We have all kinds of fun activities and then we're also teaching the kids about good nutrition and fitness while they're at it, but we're doing it in really fun and creative ways," Yunker Farm executive director Yvette Nasset says.

They're even learning about safety behind the bike handlebars.

"Don't go off bumps and don't crash into things," young rider Logan of West Fargo says.

With mommy and baby yoga, there's even activities for the little ones.

Kids Yoga Instructor Emily Jones tells us, "We can have mom and baby involved, and being active, it's time you just need to move, and baby needs to move, we can do little movements for baby that help with digestion."

Parents and children say this is a great way to spend quality time away from screens.

"It's really fun bringing the kids outside because seeing them laugh means everything," Jennilyn Jacobson says.

"We go to parks, we go to events like this. Being outside is a big part of our summer," Adam Goyt of Fargo says.

There may be no medals at these games, but these kids are still having fun and learning to stay fit.

It's the first time they've had this event but hope to continue doing outdoor activities with kids in the valley.