The city of Barnesville wants to hear your ideas for a small business startup competition.

"This is just one of the many incentives of doing business in Barnesville," says Economic Development Authority executive director Karen Lauer.
People hoping to kick start their business will present their ideas to a panel of judges.

Last year's winner is still achieving success after setting up headquarters in town.
Prosthetics uses 3D printers to print prosthetic limbs affordably. Welcome to the future.
"How 3D printing is it's basically like driving that weed wacker line through a hot glue gun. As it cools layer by layer like a loaf of bread you have a 3D printed object," says Protosthetic Chief Futurist Cooper Bierscheid.
The first place winner gets a $1,000 cash prize.

But if they locate their business to Barnesville, they get a $10,000 forgivable loan from the city.
"It's a way to really make people aware that Barnesville is a great place to do business and for us to encourage entrepreneurs to believe in themselves and their new business idea," Lauer says.
2015 winner Cooper Bierschied says no idea is too big or too small when it comes to working on your dream.
"We were very early staged when we pitched. But I told our story and what the future outlook is for this company and I think that really helped us. Don't be ashamed if you think your idea is too early or too late, just apply and you never know what happens," Bierschied says.
And even though it's a small town, Barnesville holds many advantages for business.

Lauer says the population is growing.

It's right next to I-94, and has low interest loans.
"Barnesville is a great place to do business, we've got fiber internet here now, we've got a lot of available buildings and access to resources in town and talented people who are used to working in Fargo who can now work here," Stoneridge Software President Eric Newell says.
So whether its retail, software, or something totally different, judges say they're open to all ideas.

To find out how you can pitch your startup in this competition, click here.