As cars become more high tech, AAA says it's this same technology that is making breakdowns reach a record high.

In the past year, AAA rescued a record-breaking 32 million drivers, compared to 29 million breakdowns in 2014.

That's a nearly 10 percent jump in just one year, and the newer technology could be to blame.

A big reason for the jump is due to more flat tires, dead batteries, and fuel and key issues.

"They're more reliable they last longer however some of these technologies are actually leading us to believe that there's nothing to worry about," says AAA Spokesman, Gene LaDoucer.
"Just trying to help them understand there's more components on these vehicles now so it takes us more time to figure out what's going on and really get to the root cause of why they're having a problem to begin with," says Matt's Automotive Service Center Owner, Matt Lachowitzer.
LaDoucer says many of the newer cars are trying to reduce their weight.

Because of that, fewer cars are carrying a spare.

He also says drivers are at fault too.

The newer fuel warnings are causing many drivers to push the limit when it comes to refilling their tank.