The Fargo Marathon is putting new shoes on a lot of local kids.

This is the fifth year the Marathon's shoes for kids program donated shoes to local schools.

Partnering with Under Armour as well as Blue Cross & Blue Shield, the Fargo Marathon has donated over 5,000 pairs of shoes to local elementary school kids over the previous four years.

This year they donated almost 1,100.

Organizer Mark Knutson says he's seen a great response from the community since this program started.

"We have had cards and letters from parents thanking us for them. We've actually been, my wife and I, have actually delivered shoes to schools and had the principal meet us at the door and take a pair of shoes right out of our hands and give them to a child right there," Knutson says.

The program started in 2012.

To find how you can make a donation, click on this link.