A group of activists are saddling up for a trip across the state of North Dakota on horseback.

It's not every day you see a group of people riding on horseback down the side of the highway, but for Bruce and Carol Van Den Einde, along with their partner Scott Olerud, it's going to be their reality for the next 16 days.

"Well I just think you know that we want to raise some money to try to help families and find a cure and make life better," Olerud says.

It's called Cowboy Up.

The couple hosts annual rides raising money for cancer research but this is the longest journey yet.

From the Minnesota border all the way to Montana, these tough riders will traverse the great state of North Dakota making 16 stops along the way, most of which will host fundraising events.

They won't be alone on this journey though.

"People can come in and ride for a day or they can ride for three or four days whatever they feel comfortable," says Bruce Van Den Einde.

But even those who can't ride are welcome to come out and join in the fundraisers along the way.

"You know just being there even if you don't do any of that is showing support for everybody that has cancer or people that are dealing with it. So it just makes them go yeah I got the energy to fight longer because look at what's behind me.," says Carol Van Den Einde.

One of the main inspirations behind this ride is the idea that everyone knows someone who has been affected by cancer and this fact couldn't be more true for rider Carol.

"Well originally when my husband brought it up to us to do this at that time we didn't have it, an experience in either one of our lives. Eventually, my family got it and it became very personal. I lost my brother and my sister to cancer, my mother is a three time survivor we have friends. The girl who wore these at the first Cowboy Up Ride. She ended up dying of cancer. That's why I wear these chaps, just in memory of her too," says Carol Van Den Einde

Carol says this ride is going to be hard and exhausting but it's no more challenging than the struggles faced by those battling cancer.

Proceeds from the fundraising events will go to the Roger Maris Cancer Center.

Here is a complete list of stops for the Cowboy Up ride.

September 9th- MN Bridge on Cass County Highway 20 to Casselton

September 10th- Buffalo

September 11th- Valley City

September 12th- Spiritwood

September 13th- Eldridge

September 14th- Medina

September 15th- Steele

September 16th- Sterling

September 17th- Mandan

September 18th- New Salem

September 19th- Glen Ullin

September 20th- Richardton

September 21st- Dickinson

September 22nd- Belfield

September 23rd- Bar-X (Medora)

September 24th- Beach/Montana Border - trailer to Buffalo Gap