Friends and family are taking to Facebook to mourn the death of Carla Yellowbird.

Her body was found on Spirit Lake Reservation and is being investigated by the FBI who have yet to confirm the identity of the body or provide much information at all.

The FBI is ruling the homicide reported last night near St. Michael in Benson County as a suspicious death.

We have confirmed that a body was found near St. Michael on the Spirit Lake Reservation in Benson County.

Authorities will not confirm when the body was found, but a post on social media said quote "I understand her body has been found by the ski jump," that was posted at 2:15 Wednesday afternoon.

But authorities aren't talking, much.

"The FBI, Along with the BIA and the spirit lake tribal authorities are looking into a suspicious death," says Kyle Loven, Chief Division Counsel, FBI.

Homicides on Indian reservations are under federal jurisdiction.

"The three agencies I mentioned are working in concert to determine what happened and to identify the remains. At this point we are fairly early in the investigation but we are treating the death as suspicious in nature," says Loven.

They will not confirm the gender or age of the victim at this time.

"We haven't released any details concerning our investigation," says Loven.

We do know that 27-year-old Carla Yellow Bird has been missing since August 23rd.

According to her Aunt's Facebook page, Carla was last seen on Monday on the reservation with a male friend and his girlfriend.

It is not confirmed that her disappearance is tied to the reported homicide at this time.

The Grand Forks Sheriff's Office Unmanned Aircraft team was called in yesterday to assist with the investigation.

Again the latest information is from family posts on Facebook including one from a cousin confirming that the body is that of Carla Yellowbird and that suspects are in custody.

Officials have not yet confirmed that information.