With the storms, Tailgaters at NDSU's first game of the season were met with a wet start to the day.

The day starts off with fans lined up at the south entrance as early as 1 pm and seeing as Mother Nature decided to take out her wrathful vengeance out on the city about 15 minutes later, they were lucky they were under cover and not setting up a tent like others.

Thankfully, the hailstorm lasted for less than half an hour.

A little rain is clearly no match for the Bison, as soon as the rain clears up fans begin coming out of cover and setting up per usual.

Fans tell us the rain was no deterrent at all.

"On the way down we saw it. We knew it was going to rain but didn't think it was going to be quite that bad but we knew it wouldn't last very long," says tailgater Bart Swanson.

"We knew it was going to be done with soon and it was just making sure the tents didn't blow away and nobody got hurt," says longtime Bison fan Steve Parmer.

Now that the rain is clear fans get down to the tailgating essentials.

Beer, burgers and brats.

Grills are fired up and glasses are filled while music blasts and flags fly overhead.

"Well we're starting off with a little bit of venison and then we're cooking chicken wings, and some red potatoes and yellow potatoes and some onions and yeah," Swanson says.

What could possibly be better than that?

And with the sun out and shining fans excitement heats up for the first Bison game of the season.

"Oh gosh, we've been waiting a long time for this game and we're ready to go," says Parmer.

"Very excited yeah I haven't seen them lower the banner yet I got to be her for this one," Swanson says.