October 7th is National Manufacturing Day and high school students are learning what it takes to get their foot into the industry.

In order to educate and inform students about the manufacturing industry, the GFMEDC organized a Tour for Manufacturing Day.

Students were given the chance to learn about the ins and outs of the industry.
"The product that we make is unique and we ship around the world and we're a small business located in north Fargo and a lot of people don't know about us.
So it's good for these students to come in and get exposed to the type of work that's available in Fargo," says Director of Production at Spectrum Aeromed, Mike Gallagher.
Spectrum Aeromed is a production company which creates air ambulance medical interiors for hospital programs.

Employees spoke to students about what goes into this process and their roles within the industry.
"We build air ambulance equipment.  So it's a stretcher and other accessories that mount into an aircraft, helicopters for transporting patients.  Much of our equipment gets shipped to customers all over the world," says Gallagher.
"I receive all the parts and I make sure they're all correct from outside vendors or parts that we make in house and then I will ship them out to have them painted or anodized or wherever they need to go," says Parts Coordinator, Sara Engen.
Officials in the industry shared what they believe truly makes a great worker in their business.
"So what we're looking for in our manufacturing process is people that are eager, eager to learn, that they have good communication skills, be detailed and disciplined, and they have to be good problem solvers," says Gallagher.

Students are also learning the skill sets needed to become a manufacturer.