It's always good to have a plan.

Without knowing exactly when or where an emergency is going to happen, police say there are a few things every person should consider.

They could save your life.

It's a terrifying situation we don't want to face...much less think about.
However, police say by preparing for the worst imaginable scenario...could end up saving not only your life, but those around you.
"Your first option is to run and then to hide and to stay away from the threat and then to, if that threat is there, to eventually try to fend them off.  That's the only last option, you know. Especially if it's one of those things where there's going to be adamant danger," says Lt. Jeremy Moe of the Grand Forks Police Department.
While law enforcement is only a phone call away, many times, it's those crucial moments in the beginning of a life and death situation that can make all the difference.
"What we typically tell people is if you can, lock the doors, barricade the doors, making sure that if it's a door that you can lock, put a large item in front of it," explains Moe.
Even though in a potential workplace violence situation you have three options...Run, Hide or Fight...police say it's best to simply remove yourself from the situation.

But they also say...when it comes to that situation...there are no rules.

"So what we would recommend is obviously if you can't get away, try and put yourself in a space where you're no longer available to any violence or any person to come in contact with."

Lt. Moe says again, fighting an attacker is a last resort but to remember it still is an option.

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