Mahnomen County officials have released the names of two shooting victims.

They are 74–year–old Lynn Thompson and 68–year–old Elizabeth Thompson.

They were found dead Tuesday on their rural Mahnomen farmstead.

The Thompsons were well known in the community.

Even the Sheriff knew the couple before he learned of the tragedy.

The Mahnomen County Sheriff's Office says a neighbor called them early Tuesday morning saying they heard gunshots near the Thompson farmstead.

Deputies responded to the farm, located about 11 miles Northeast of Mahnomen and found the bodies of Lynn Thompson in a Quonset and Elizabeth Thompson in the home on the property.

"Very surprised because I didn't think they... They always seemed like they were pretty religious and upstanding people," one local man says.

"This is odd. We've had other situations that we've had but this is not a common occurrence for us," says Mahnomen County Sheriff Doug Krier.

Word spreads fast in a small town like this.

Everyone KVRR spoke to knew the victims' names before they were released by police.

While most didn't want to speak on camera, they say the two were well known and well liked in the community.

"They were nice people as far as I was concerned," says the same local man.

"We've had a lot of people who were concerned about it just because they know the people. And they're a good family, good people," Sheriff Krier.

Police say they don't believe the two were killed by a third party.

They say there is no public threat in the aftermath of this tragedy.

The bodies are undergoing autopsies but no official reports are expected for three weeks.

The Mahnomen County Sheriff's office will be releasing more details on this case as the investigation continues.