Classes start on September first for Concordia College.

Incoming freshmen are already on campus and are lending a hand to the community.

Chatter fills up the halls on Concordia's campus as new students meet their classmates during orientation week.

"They will be taking an inquiry class that they sign up for and so they will get to know each other very well and we just kind of kick start them," says Kristian Stenlie, Orientation Leader.

The different "clubs" are grouped together by a class they chose...and stay together throughout the week.

"We all happened to be taking a Lord of the Rings Class," says  Annie Weier, incoming Concordia Freshmen.

There are almost 30 clubs this year and each of them have their own cheer.

But it's more than just fun and games.

The different clubs work on service projects for the 23rd annual Hands for Change outreach event.

"Club 5" is helping "Unseen"...a local nonprofit that fights human trafficking.

"There's more projects that we can do then we have time for so when volunteers from the community come in and lend a hand. It helps us directly benefit our partners even more," says Jordan Maahs, Unseen.

The students are helping "Unseen" prepare for donations, and although it's been only two days, Annie feels right at home.

"Getting to do service projects like this from day one, I think that really speaks to what Concordia's mission is. And I think this definitely is the right place for me," says Weier.

As these freshmen start their college experience, "Club 5" reminds us not all those who wander are lost.

This was the first time Unseen participated in the Hands for Change event, and they say they hope to continue.