ST. CLOUD, Minn. -

St. Cloud police say an off duty officer shot and killed the suspect of a stabbing attack at the Crossroads Mall Saturday night.

Nine people were injured in the attack according to police.

Police say they were taken to the St. Cloud Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

The mall was on lock down after the attack, and officers recorded ID's for everyone inside the mall before they could leave.

Authorities say the suspect was dressed in a private security uniform and made references to Allah during the attack.

Ashley Bayne, a mall JC Penney employee, says she was inside when it happened.

“Everyone was screaming and everything was just starting to get really chaotic. I ended up just starting to realize and put the pieces together that maybe I should start running too. People were screaming that there was a guy stabbing people in the mall. I ended up taking off running," Bayne tells us over the phone.

No names of victims or the assault suspect are released at this time.

Stay tuned to KVRR for more information when it becomes available.