A mom is causing quite the conversation for her blog about school supplies.

She believes you should buy supplies for your own children as well as supplies used by all the kids in the classroom..

The writer is asking parents to be generous.

When it comes to knowing what supplies your child's classroom needs, parents look to the schools for guidance.

"Teachers take a look at the list as a grade level team and determine what supplies do they really need to help their year, and their students be successful." says Tanya Wrigley-Lingle, principal of Eagles Elementary.

On this list includes items like tissues, wipes and markers.

But here's the catch...these are for every student...not just for your own.

"If a family is having a difficult time getting the supplies that they need, certainly we'll do what we can to cover those types of things." Wigley-Lingle says.

And if those items end up on the absent list...teachers take that into their own hands.

"I used to be a full time classroom teacher and I remember there was a point where I actually bought all my supplies for my students.," says former teacher, Melissa Jensrud.

Teachers like Melissa and Amy pay out of pocket when it comes to creating a learning environment because they want the best for their students.

"Definitely worth it, I do it every year, and you kind of can't help yourself but you try to stick within a little bit of a budget but yeah you like to make it a little fresh every year so," says art teacher Amy Muehlenhardt.

We talked to local parents to see what they think about buying communal supplies for their child's classrooms.

"We have to provide paper plates, lunch bags and Kleenex. I guess they use them for projects and stuff so I don't mind giving it to the schools." says Danielle Graham, parent.

But for some parents with large families or limited incomes, school supplies for all can become a burden.

In Fargo, stores like Art 'N Learn and Target offer great deals whether you are buying for one student or a whole classroom.

"Parents sometimes wonder like why do we need to supply all of this. They aren't just putting things on a list to add extra burdens to parents they are going to find a useful need for it," says Jensrud.

Many comments on the blog don't agree that parents should have to provide these items.