KVRR Reporter Adam Ladwig and Chief Photographer Patrick Conteh interview Fargo Police Deputy Chief Ross Renner along with other other media:

"About 45 minutes ago, a single gunshot was fired from the building. It exited the building and traveled over top a number of different officers. Officers were able at that point to determine that it had came from that individual's area. Officers continued to make contact or attempted to make contact with the individual in the room. After the gunshot was fired, there was no more with that individual. At this time, the individual is deceased. At this point, the police department will be conducting an investigation into the entire incident. The individual that is deceased is a 49-year-old Fargo male," said Deputy Chief Ross Renner of the Fargo Police Department.

REPORTER: "Can you describe the circumstances leading up to this incident tonight?

"At about seven o' clock, Fargo officers were called to Southeast Human Services for a report of a male that had entered the building and displayed a handgun. He had spoken with a number of people in the building and then told them to leave and barricaded himself inside of the room that he was in. (unintelligible) Fargo Police arrived, we evacuated people from the area, attempted to make contact with the individual. We were speaking to him up until the gunshot was fired," said Renner.

REPORTER: "Officers didn't fire any shots?"

"No," said Renner.

REPORTER: "Do we have an understanding that he shot himself but the bullet must have cleared the building and..."

"I'm not able to say if he had shot himself at this point or not. That will be part of our investigation. He is deceased. There is a bullet that exited the building," said Renner.

REPORTER: "What side of the building is it at?"

"It's on second floor," said Renner.

REPORTER: "And you said no officers fired any shots?"

"No," repeated Renner.

REPORTER: "And as of now, only one bullet was confirmed as being shot?"

"Correct," said Renner.

REPORTER: "Are you able to give the victim's name yet?"

"No," said Renner.

REPORTER: "Any indication they (SEHSC) had previous contact with him as a client?"

"I can't go into that," said Renner. "Unfortunately, it didn't end the way we wanted it."


Fargo Police confirm one man is dead after an hours long standoff.

They say the 49-year-old man died from a single gunshot wound.

Police did not fire any weapons.

The man's identity is not being released at this time.

We will pass on any more information to you if it becomes available and pertinent.


KVRR's Adam Ladwig says Fargo Police and the Red River Regional SWAT team have sent a robot into the Southeast Human Service Center building in an attempt to find an alleged gunman.

Police are releasing few details but say witnesses tell them a man walked into the building around 7:00pm Thursday and seemed "distraught".

He pulled out a gun and told people inside to "leave".

It is unclear at this time whether or not there are others in the building still with the man.

We will bring you another LIVE report from the scene shortly on KVRR's Antenna TV.

We have the news on that station due to the Vikings pre-season game against the Seahawks.


Fargo Police have surrounded the Southeast Human Service Center at 2624 9th Avenue South.

They say a man with a gun walked into the business Thursday evening.

They say people did evacuate the building but did not make clear whether or not there were still people other than the man inside.

Police are in communication with the man.

KVRR's Adam Ladwig and Chief Photographer Patrick Conteh are at the scene now.

We will have a LIVE report coming up at 9:00pm.