Landowners in northern Cass County are being asked to make a significant sacrifice.

Selling their homes and farmland to help the F-M Flood Diversion take shape.

The Flood Diversion Authority admits a lot of homeowners are nervously waiting to see if the diversion will cut through their land.

Soon, they'll have that answer.

Some landowners could have an important letter waiting.
"It'll let the property owner know that they're impacted and it'll give them contact information for who they can contact to get more information," says Rocky Schneider, a consultant for the Flood Diversion Authority.
The Flood Diversion Authority needs to buy land at the northern end of the 30-plus mile diversion route, north of Harwood near Argusville.

About 100 homes could be impacted.

But much of the affected land is farmland.
Schneider adds, "The far majority of them have no residences on them."
The Authority knows what land will need to be bought for the diversion itself.

Committee members will soon know where they'll need easements for construction crews.
"We hope to finalize that mitigation map where flow easements will be required in the next couple months," adds Schneider.
The buyouts should take a while.

Board members are expecting to take up to a year acquiring all the land they need.

But they're sending out letters now so that homeowners aren't left in the dark.
"Just so that they know what's gonna happen," explains Flood Diversion Authority member Rodger Olson, "I'm sure there's been a lot of limbo for these people wondering if the project is actually gonna go through. Are they gonna need my land? When are they gonna need my land?"
The Diversion Authority is starting a PR push to make sure people know what's happening with the diversion.
Olson says they'll be at, "some meetings at the township level so they have a chance to come in and ask some questions."

They've done this before with about 700 homes.

But they say it's what's needed to keep Fargo-Moorhead protected from potential flooding.

The Authority has $8 million budgeted to buy properties this year, but more money could be allocated next year.