The Coats for Kids and Families drive began distributing winter clothes this morning at the Salvation Army in Moorhead.

People began lining up as early as 6 am to get a chance for the best selection of winter gear.

But this year, finding a good coat shouldn't be a problem.

"We did very well this year. As a matter of fact we probably did probably 1,000 more than we did last year. The public was very nice to us in the F–M area. They can be proud of their generosity," says Major Byron Medlock with the Salvation Army.

"They're not dirty. They're not from just somebodies house. They're actually taken care of and washed," says Joseph Glatt who came for the event.

Each person who walks through the doors is going to be leaving with their very own coat, hat, scarf; whatever they need, but this year, they're not just giving away clothes.

Creative Plains donated 200 art kits for the families.

Everyone here has their own story of struggle and programs like these are a great help to them.

"This experience was wonderful. We were able to find some coats for the kids and stuff. I keep coming back. Our family has been helped for over 70 years," says Linda Stadler.

But Linda's heart is as warm as her new clothes.

"Everything I get I always donate back too, because giving is so important," says Stadler.

This event is inspiring some to give back later on.

"Maybe someday in the future someday if I get financially stable, if I get a good blessing, I can donate. Maybe even volunteer myself," says Glatt.

"Awesome. It's awesome that people have such huge hearts," says Stadler.

It's not just the people getting clothes that are brought joy.

"You see the kids running around out there? That's it. Seeing the kids showing me their coats and telling me their coats are beautiful or warm, that's what counts," says Major Medlock.

Old or young, this coat drive ensures no one has to go without warm clothing this winter.

There are more opportunities to get some clothes if you missed today's distribution.

The Salvation Army in Moorhead will be dispersing coats between Monday October 17th and Thursday October 20th, from 9am to 4pm.