A $10 million school referendum has failed in Thompson again.

This is the fourth time in four years voters have decided against the decision.

More than half of voters agreed to the referendum, however, they failed to reach the 60 percent needed to pass for updating the school.

Here is a breakdown of the votes:

Total Number of Voters: 1234

Yes: 642 (52%)

No: 592 (48%)


Educators in Thompson, North Dakota hope the fourth time's the charm.
Voters were asked to allocate $10 million in taxpayer money to build new classrooms, a gym and a commons area at Thompson School.

Three previous ballot measures have failed in the last four years.

The issue is divisive in the small town.

Opponents of the measure would not talk to us on camera, but they claim the process is rigged.

They say voters have already spoken.

Supporters say they want a building that can keep up with a growing student population.

Supporter Ralph Applegren says, "I trust that their decision is correct and I really believe that the quality of the school is one of the things that Thompson's been known for, for many years."
Each previous referendum captured at least 50 percent of the vote, but none of them reached the 60 percent threshold needed to pass.

The most recent measure in May failed by just a handful of votes.