ROLLAG, Minn. -

The 63rd Annual Western Minnesota Steam Threshers Reunion is in its second day and this year is packed!

One machine owner says almost 30,000 people are expected to come through the event this weekend.

Old tractors, processing machines, giant shovels, and trains are basically a scene out of a historian's dream!

"One thing I think that's special about Rollag is most of the exhibits here, almost every one of them are actually working exhibits. You know they're doing what they were meant to do so people can see them working like they did 100 years ago," says Jeff Edin, a machine owner.

But beyond the great sights, the real story here is found in the roots of the people who attend.

"It is about family. It is about community, and they keep coming. There are fourth, fifth generations coming to this reunion here," says Jeff's wife, Clara Edin.

The tractors and the trains and farm equipment are cool, but the real action comes from the steam shovels.

Earth moving behemoths displaying the result of thousands of years of human progress!

And at the heart of one of these machines is Troy Kind, who like many others here, has a long–lived family tradition of coming to these events.

His father restored this steam shovel and since he passed away Kind operates it at Steam Threshers.

"Last year we actually put a sandbox is the sand box and you know ever since you were a little boy you want to be digging holes and digging dirt and now we're just doing the same thing just with bigger toys," Kind says.

That's a big part of this event.

Aside from the history, tradition, and community here, this stuff is just down right fun.

And who doesn't love fun?

If you haven't had the opportunity to make it out yet don't worry you have until Monday to catch the event.