One man is trying to be the youngest person to ever visit all 412 U.S. National Parks in one trip.

Thirty-year-old Mikah Meyer isn't in Fargo for long.

Meyer has only been on the road since August and he still has 385 more National Parks to go.

Living out of his van for the past two months hasn't been easy, but the meaning behind his journey is reason enough to keep on going.
It's a journey of a lifetime. Hitting the road with a map, a van and one goal.
"So far I've been to 27 national park sites and my estimate is it will take somewhere between three and four years," says Travel Writer, Mikah Meyer.
It's a hefty goal, three to four years living on the road on limited income.
"I eat a lot of peanut butter sandwiches, one of my rules is I'm not allowed to buy alcohol at bars or anything, not allowed to go to sit down restaurants," says Meyer.
Cutting out the luxuries, to see the country he loves and more importantly, make his dad proud.
"He would drive the 28-hour drive straight through all by himself and he loved it. He always said if he wasn't a pastor he would be a trucker," says Meyer.
Like father, like son Mikah is following in his dad's footsteps.
"I know my dad would have loved to come," says Meyer.
Mikah's father passed away from cancer 11 years ago.
"To try to do something you might save for retirement as a way to honor the retirement that he never got, and the retirement that I might never get because tomorrow is not guaranteed," says Meyer.
The van life has been a long haul, with showers limited and teeth brushing minimal but each stop is one more reminder why he's doing this in the first place.
"Theodore Roosevelt National Park I think I've said wow more than any other national park we've been to so far," says Meyer.
It's sights that words can't describe and memories only one van can make.

Mikah says he hopes more people continue to sponsor and donate toward his trip so he can make it to the end.

If you would like to donate or even read Mikah's blog about his time in North Dakota click here.