A West Fargo man who authorities believe fatally shot his wife and then shot himself in the head has died.

Clarence Baumgartner, 55, died Monday afternoon at Sanford in Fargo.

His 45-year-old wife, Tammy, was found dead Sunday night at a home in the Brookwood Mobile Home Park in West Fargo.

Authorities say the shooting happened after an apparent argument involving the two.

A handgun was recovered at the scene.

Authorities believe the couple had separated and that the wife had been living in Fargo.


A West Fargo man is hospitalized with a bullet wound to the head after allegedly shooting and killing his estranged wife.

"The kids were yelling and screaming about their mom and dad because their mom was bleeding on the floor like, not breathing and stuff, and dad, we heard shot her."

Red evidence tape still wraps the 444 C Street mobile home where neighbors say tragedy struck, leaving their children devastated.

Officers were dispatched on a medical call around 9 pm. Sunday when the man and woman inside were allegedly having an argument.
"My friend and I were walking down the street and we saw cop cars heading that way."
Investigators say the 55-year-old man shot and killed the 45-year-old woman, then turned the gun on himself.

The shooting happened just a block down the road from the West Fargo police station.

Neighbors say they were surprised to see this happen to the family.
"Clarence is kind of a nice guy but Tammy was like really nice."

Investigators believe the couple was separated at the time, and the woman had been living in Fargo.
They also found a gun at the scene.

The man was taken to the hospital and police have not released information on his condition.


One woman is dead and another man is in the hospital after West Fargo police say the two were involved in an argument in a mobile home Sunday night.

Police responded to C Street about 9:00pm.

They say a 55-year-old male went to his estranged wife's house and the two began arguing.

The man allegedly shot the 45-year-old woman and then shot himself in the head.

We will have more on this story as it develops.