Three vehicles were stolen in the West Acres area in the last two weeks.

Fargo Police want to remind people how they can protect themselves against car theft.

An officer who patrols the West Acres area noticed the thefts were in close proximity to each other and at least one of those cars still had the keys in the vehicle.

The thefts didn't happen at one specific apartment complex.

Fargo Police say the amount of car thefts in Fargo isn't out of the ordinary but it is a good time to remind the public of safety tips through Facebook.

As colder temperatures approach, people should not leave their cars running if they don't have auto start.

Officials also want to remind you if your garage door opener is in the car while parked outside, it gives thieves a key inside.

"You need to realize that if you're going to run in and leave your keys in the ignition you are opening yourself up to get your vehicle stolen. It only takes a few moments for someone to hope in your vehicle and drive away,"says Deputy Chief Joe Anderson, Fargo Police Department.

Police say to not leave valuables in your vehicle and to park in your garage, if you have one.

If your vehicle is stolen, the best thing you can do is give as much detail about your car as possible to the police, even things such as how much gas you had.