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Firefighters Set Homes Ablaze in Moorhead

It's not every day you come across firefighters setting fires to homes.

MSUM Making Effort to Clean Up Cigarette Butts

Students at MSUM are trying to get people to stop throwing their cigarette butts on the ground.

City Commissioner Wants Questions Answered About Refugees

City Commissioner Dave Piepkorn says he has questions about refugee resettlement in Fargo.

Student Brings BB Gun to Fargo North High School

A Fargo North student faces charges, after carrying a BB gun onto school grounds.

MSUM Students Teach in McKinley Classrooms

Students in the education program at MSUM visit the classrooms at McKinley Elementary School.

Last "Great Ride" of the Season

Great Rides Bike Share Club had its last great ride of the season.

Baby Born Without Eyes in China

It's a rare medical condition in newborns, but it can happen, despite an unremarkable pregnancy.

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