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A Father Still Searches for Answers

The Kvalvog family is speaking out after the release of The Minnesota State Patrol's final report on what killed both of their sons in a tragic accident back in June.

Thanksgiving Shopping Thins Black Friday Crowds

For some families Thanksgiving is a day to be thankful for friends, health and Black Friday discounts. Many shoppers are heading to buy their new items on Thanksgiving evening rather than Black Friday.

Moen Pleads Guilty In Murder Case

A Fargo man admits guilt in the death of a man outside a bar last May. Scott Moen has pleaded guilty to murder and conspiracy to commit assault.Moen is one of four people charged in the kicking and beating death of 35 year-old Joey Gaarsland of Fargo. A prosecutor says there's evidence that moen kicked Gaarsland in the head. Gaarsland's wife was also hurt in the fight, that started inside the bar.

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