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Hi there, I’m Warner, and let me take a little time and tell you about the things that I like. I like chicken, and salmon, and shrimp, and turkey, and treats, and kibbles, and tuna! I love food and anything to do with food! I also love chin scratches, and oh did I mention treats? Because I really love treats. My perfect forever home would never be above bribing me with food, because it will always work. Oh and I did test positive for FIV, but don’t let that stop you from meeting me, it doesn’t affect my life, and it is very hard for me to pass it on to other kitties, so come and treat, or I mean, meet me today!

*My adoption fee has been fully sponsored by a generous donor.


*Donatella was diagnosed as having diabetes. Her foster family works with Donatella to keep this condition under control so she can live a happy life. She will need a forever home committed to keeping her healthy and managing her condition.*

Donatella is such a pretty girl and a very nice, gentle dog. Her favorite activities are tug of war, going for walks outside, cuddling up in her dog bed when she wants alone time and sitting on or near her favorite person, as she enjoys a good ear scratch and belly rub.
Due to some cataracts that resulted in some vision loss, it takes Donatella a little bit of time to become acquainted with a new space, but she does great after a little while. Donatella is both house trained and kennel trained. She seems to have a little anxiety when her foster family is away, but is getting better on this issue. Donatella is such a loving dog. She has so much love and loyalty to give to some lucky family!

Donatella is a 7 year old Schnauzer.