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Casey - Homeward Animal Shelter


It’s been over 3 months since Casey was returned to our care, for no fault of her own. She gets stressed in the shelter, but luckily, we have a great foster that was willing to take her in. However, we still need to find this sweet girl her forever home! Here’s a little more about Casey from her foster.

I have been Casey’s foster mom for two months now and I can’t believe she doesn’t have a forever home! This dog is so insanely sweet and lovable, not to mention smart and kind! She likes:
-Long mornings in bed or on the couch snuggling under a blanket
-Playing fetch with her tennis ball or bone
-Learning new tricks for yummy treats!
-Going for walks and sniffing new things.

Casey does not enjoy other dogs or cats in the home, but she is very wonderful with people! She has been gentle with the couple kids I’ve had over, though she can get rambunctious when she plays. Seriously, this dog is so willing to learn and wants to please. I know there’s someone out there who can love her forever!

Marigold - 4 Luv of Dog Animal Shelter


** Marigold qualifies for our Seniors for Seniors Program. This program places senior dogs (age 8 or older) with senior citizens (age 65 or older) at a reduced adoption fee of $65.00. If you qualify and are interested in participating in this program, please fill out an application online and type “SENIOR” after your name.

Marigold is a sweet older gal who came to rescue with uncontrolled glaucoma. After extensive vetting and excellent care by her dedicated foster home, her glaucoma could not be controlled and her eyes needed to be removed. Marigold is the perfect little old lady dog. She gets around really well by using her nose and ears and is super happy about life. Marigold navigates her surroundings well and is looking for a forever home!

Marigold is an 8.5 year old Beagle.

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