Latest Pet Connection


Tinkerbell, here! Just looking for someone to call my “person”. If you’re looking for a cat that will roll all over the place because they’re just that silly, a sweet loving girl and a cat that LOVES to be pet, I’m the perfect match for you! I am a diabetic cat, so I will need to be on a strict feeding schedule and insulin for the rest of my life. I am literally the nicest cat and will make anyone happy! I need to go to a home with no other animals and one where there will be lots of love and lots of spoiling me! I’m currently in a foster home. Please contact the shelter to meet me because I promise after knowing me for two seconds, you’ll want to take me home!


Gendry has loved running and playing in the snow but he is also very excited for the weather to change so he can go on long walks again and explore! Just mentioning the word ‘walk’ around him gets him so excited. On his adventures, he has come across many dogs and all he wants to do is play and run around with them. After Gendry is finished exploring, he is always SUPER tired and ready for a long, snored filled nap. He takes his best naps cuddled right up on someone; he still thinks he is a lap dog. Gendry is so AMAZING in his kennel. He doesn’t make a peep and goes right to sleep. When we go get his nails trimmed, he is very well behaved and relaxed. Gendry is so amazing with children, he views them as his best friend and just wants to play. Gendry is a true prince!