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Ever wonder what it would be like to live with a warrior princess? Adopt me and find out! My name is Zena, and I can be one tough cookie! When I came into the shelter, I had 7 kittens that I needed to look after, and I was one heck of a momma! Now that my kittens are old enough, I’m looking to retire from the protection game, and settle into a nice indoor kitty life, where I can kick back and relax, and get some spoiling for myself! I love treats and sleeping in the sun. Do you think you could have room for a retired princess like me?


*No Children*

Pacey is a cool dude who loves to just rest outside on the deck and soak up the sun. He is starting to have more fun playing with toys and chasing the tennis ball.

Pacey is potty trained and will scratch at the door to go outside (he also scratches when he wants to come back in!). Pacey sleeps in a kennel pretty quietly throughout the night. However, Pacey would probably love to sleep in bed with you at night. When he is allowed on the bed he will curl up in a small ball and sleep the time away. Pacey still gets excited when he gets let out of his kennel and he continues to work on not jumping on his humans.

If there are other dogs in the home, Pacey gets fed separately because he isn’t afraid to go into a little dog’s bowl. He is able to eat around his foster family’s big dog and hasn’t shown any signs of aggression if someone gets close to his food. Pacey continues to work on his manners and not putting his paws up on the counter.

Pacey likes his personal space and he is not comfortable with children near him, so a home without children would be optimal for him. Pacey is ready for a patient owner who will continue to socialize him in new situations and continue to work with him on training!

Pacey is a 1 year old Boxer Mix.

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