Previous Winners

Carrington, ND Town of the Week 11-14-17

Carrington defeated Casselton to win Town of the Week. We discovered some interesting history on the town from World War 2 and a couple of it's "famous" residents.

Alexandria, MN Town of the Week 11-7-17

Alexandria has a lot of famous people with a connection to the city and we tried to highlight that. And the name of the movie I could not remember in the segment is "Winter Bone"  Go Cardinals! [gtxvideo vid="IWjYclnX" playlist=""…

Viking, MN - Town of the Week 10-17-17

The town of 103 had a big showing with over 800 votes to win Town of the Week.  (One correction: The Northern Freeze Hockey logo in the story is not connected to the high school. My apologies. - Rob Kupec…

Warren, MN Town of the Week 9-12-17

Warren had been Town of the Week 4 years ago when we started, before voting came in.  Only seemed fair to give them another shot so they could be in the Town of the Year tournament. [gtxvideo vid="NjV3wEHo" playlist="" pid="XBdisoqR"…

Warren, MN UFO Car

Click here for an article on Warren's UFO car. Photo: Marshall County Museum

Towns of the Week.

All the towns on this map have been Town of the Week and are not eligible at this time to be up again.  We are now taking nominations for the next season of Town of the Week.  If you nominated…

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