Fury 325 Ready To Thrill

Good news thrill seekers!

The world’s fastest and tallest giga coaster is getting ready to open.

You will have to get yourself to Charlotte, North Carolina if you want to take it for a test drive or two.

It’s called the Fury 325 roller coaster.

The giga part just means it has a drop ranging from 300 feet to 399 feet, completing a full circuit.

The ride stands 325 feet tall with an 81-degree drop.

If you are looking for more thrills, the Fury 325 reaches speeds of 95 miles per hour!

One person on YouTube wrote “I get anxiety just watching this.”
The Fury 325 coaster debuts on March 28 at Carowinds Park in Charlotte, North Carolina.

If you want to check out this point of view test run for yourself,