Senator Franken on Minnesota Bird Flu Crisis: “We need to be doing everything we can”

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Senator Al Franken says he is hopeful that the worst of the bird flu is behind farmers in Minnesota.

The state only has one confirmed new case this week in Swift County, with two others being tested.

It would bring the state’s total to 87 cases.

Minnesota has lost 5.7 million birds.

Neighboring Iowa, the country’s largest egg producer, has lost the most birds at 24 million.

Franken says he continues to push for help to combat bird flu at the federal level.

Senator Al Franken (D)Minnesota: “Unprecedented crisis to our poultry producers in Minnesota and in the upper Midwest.  We need to be doing everything at the emergency operations center to continue to try and figure out where this is coming from and how to stop it. “

The federal government has already approved $330 million in emergency funds to help stop the spread of the bird flu.