Kids and Teens Design Games At MSUM

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College for Kids & Teens is wrapping up this week at MSUM, but there’s one class that may stick around for longer.

The game designing class is becoming so popular with kids; one teacher is creating his own company to teach kids how to make their own video games.
These kids are focusing on making their own video games, one of the most popular classes at the College for Kids & Teens summer program.

Jake Schnase says he’s working on a game where an old lady’s grandchild gets kidnapped by an ogre and the quest is to rescue the kid from a dungeon.
“I think it’s really cool. It gives you like a head start if you want to become like a game developer or something,” said Jake.
Jake is glad to be taking part in the video game class.
It’s an interest that’s grown, thanks to a family member.
“My cousin CJ is a game developer right now and it’s kind of cool and I think it would be really fun to do,” said Jake.
Dave Binkard is teaching the class and has noticed the high interest.
He’s creating his own company called PODS Game Design.

It will be similar to this class; teaching kids how to start making video games.
“It’s something that I’ve enjoyed doing for a long time so teaching kids how to do it, that just makes it even more fun,” said Binkard.
Many of the students say the class is an incredible experience and they can’t find anything else like it.
“This is really awesome, I don’t think I could get this sort of experience many places else,” said 8th Grader Rose Grimestad.
There’s one part of the class students really enjoy.
“What do you like the most about it?” asked reporter Aries Serrano.

“Seeing people like play the game and react to what happens,” said Jake.
“Really interesting making something and then getting to go back and play it and see other people’s expressions and reactions to what you’ve made,” said Rose.

Binkard has a Kickstarter, a website where you can donate money to cause.
He expects classes to start early September.

To contribute to the PODS Game Design class, you can visit