Senator Hoeven Talks NAWS Project, Donald Trump

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Senator Hoeven says North Dakota is one step closer to completing the Northwest Area Water Supply project.

The Record of Decision signed by the U-S Bureau of Reclamation will authorize the water supply from Lake Sakakawea to be used for northwestern North Dakota.

Hoeven says future plans call for a $66 million water treatment plant which he says will be shared among local, state and federal agencies.

He is confident the NAWS project will help get water to the Red River Valley.

“So that same challenge applies to bringing water to Fargo and the Red River Valley it’s exactly the same issue.  That’s strengthens our hand and puts us in the position to do the same so we can bring Missouri river water to Fargo and the whole Red River Valley,” says Sen. Hoeven.

Hoeven also weighed in on front-runner Republican Presidential hopeful Donald Trump.

He says with 17 candidates, it’s just too early to tell but there is one key to getting the right candidate.

“Financial responsibility.  Getting growth and job creation.  If we can do those things at the federal level the way we’re doing them in North Dakota,  then our country is going to be in good shape.  And I firmly believe we need a strong candidate that can win,” says Sen. Hoeven.
At nine, we ask the senator if he would ever consider running for President.
Hear what he has to say.