Local Business Owner Has Special Message for Women

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One-local business owner is showing women that they can be successful entrepreneurs.

Christine Ilvedson owns and operates Clothes Mentor, a woman’s resale clothing store.

The store pays local women for recycling their clothing and accessories, and has put up to $2 million dollars back in the pockets of customers.

Ilvedson has become a local pioneer in the growing resale industry in Fargo, and says she simply went for where she saw a need.

“And you know, I kind of just wanted to do something on my own, and like I said I saw a need for it in the community this opportunity presented itself and I went for it. It was a little scary in the beginning but you know it’s been five and a half years now,” says Ilvedson.

She also says connecting with customers was key in her store’s continued success.

“I’ve gotten to know the girls quite will, and have development some personal relationships with them so that’s really great that they are about the customers that much, and care about what’s going on with me and my life and put that forth in everyone that comes in,” says customer Bri Clemenson.
Statistics show that businesses owned by women make up 30 percent of all businesses in the country.