Fargo to Consider Single Stream Recycling

Fargo is looking into different options for recycling.

Fargo currently has a free curbside recycling program. The Department of Solid Waste is conducting a study to see if single stream recycling would be a good fit for the city. With single stream recycling you can combine your recyclables in one bin instead of having to sorting. Some residents are giving a thumb’s up on the idea of single stream recycling in Fargo.

“You’re taking care of your city when you’re doing it and so I think it’s important that we make it more accessible and more available to people,” says Fargo resident Afton Samson.

West Fargo started a single stream program early this year.

“It’s been a huge success and I think it’s been welcomed throughout the community quite a bit,” says West Fargo Sanitation Manager Thomas Clark.

Prior to consolidating, West Fargo recycling participation was 10%. Now with the new program, over 80% of the residents are participating. This positive news led to the idea of conducting a study in Fargo.

“Is the hauling of those to a material recovery facility, sorting of those and the marketing of those., so we want to kind of figure out what those costs are and present that information to our elected officials and to our residents. Find out if this is something that you’re in favor of,” says Fargo Solid Waste Department Director Terry Ludlum.

Not having to sort your recyclable is one of the perks of single stream recycling. Another perk is getting more people to participate in going green.

“I don’t recycle right now unfortunately. So to me single stream recycling would be the reason I would start recycling,” says Samson.

If the single stream recycling does get implemented in Fargo, residents will be charged a small monthly fee, under $6.

You can find a link to the city’s survey here.

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