Secretary Simon’s Statewide Tour Saves the Best for Last

Some people in Clay County may say Minnesota’s Secretary of State saves the best for last.

Steve Simon completes his first statewide tour in Clay County after traveling to all 87 of Minnesota’s counties.

The Secretary of State meets with Fargo–Moorhead officials and discusses election reform, business services and domestic violence prevention.

Simon says traveling around the state is a good way to learn about everyone’s needs, problems and trends for programs around Minnesota.

“You can’t do this job well, just sitting at some desk in St. Paul. We have too many partnerships, too many relationships around the state, and I’ve found by going to all 87 counties that the best ideas really do come from the rest of the state, all over the state,” says Simon.

Simon will start touring all of Minnesota’s counties again, in the beginning of 2016.

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