Marsy’s Law Takes its First Step in North Dakota

Supporters behind a groundbreaking measure to ensure victims’ rights took the first step towards making it a law in North Dakota.

The sponsoring committee behind Marsy’s Law for North Dakota submitted a ballot measure to Secretary of State Al Jaeger today.

Marsy’s Law is designed to ensure victim’s rights.

The measure would prevent victims from being intimidated or abused during a criminal investigation.

Committee Chairperson Kathleen Wrigley of Bismarck, wife of Lieutenant Governor Drew Wrigley, talked about the importance of the petition and North Dakota’s role in standing up for victims’ rights.

“North Dakota is pretty much leading the way in so many different areas – energy and economy.  I think North Dakotans should stand tall and proud during this next year of this fight for victims’ rights,” said Wrigley.

Marsy’s Law is submitted for the November 2016 ballot because police did not have the tools to enforce the law until recently.

The petition is expected to be approved by Secretary Jaeger next week.

Petitioners need to collect nearly 27,000 signatures for the measure to be placed on the ballot.