Woodturners: Turning Old Into New

It takes a unique talent to turn a block of wood into a work of art.
For many of these wood turners carving wood isn’t just a hobby, it’s a passion.
“This is one solid piece of wood. It’s a cube and a cube and a cube and it was just something I thought I should try and so I did,” says Minn-Dak Woodturners President Paul Hedman.
Hedman was first introduced to Woodturning from his uncle.
“My Uncle got a laithe and I thought I would give it a whirl and I was hooked almost immediately,” says Hedman.
Since then he’s become world famous with fans reaching out to him across the world. He says he enjoys every moment.
“Everybody had wildly different styles we can’t really even compare them our work,” says Hedman.

Within an hour these wood turners can make some extraordinary things.
“We wood turners are fast. We can make lots of stuff,” says Minn-Dak Woodturners Member, Phil Holton.
Holton says the best part is seeing it from start to finish, which sometimes includes going out in the backyard and chopping the wood himself.
“The harvesting is very interesting because I need to keep control of the wood all the time I have to be able to see that this is interesting,” says Holton.
“You never know what you’re going to find once you start carving into or cutting into that piece of wood,” says Minn-Dak Woodturners Board Member, Roy Jacobsen.
The rings on a piece of wood tell of its history.

These artists are now giving the wood a new beginning.
The Minn-Dak wood turners meet once a month.

If you’re interested in the club click here for more information.

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