President Schafer Shares Vision for UND

A lot of change has happened at UND.

There’s a new nickname in place and the school is searching for a president; however, the current interim president would like to shift the conversation to the school’s future.

President Schafer has been president of UND for only a week, and he’s heard a lot about the school’s new nickname.

“The effort went through a very strong, long involved process, which held the university back for a little bit.  Out of the end of that came the declaration of the new nickname,” said Schafer.

While the discussion has been stuck on nicknames and logos, President Schafer wants to move it in a new direction.  In fact, the new nickname is at the center of an important rebranding for the future of the university.

“It is a launching point of the new University of North Dakota.  As we move into the new era, we need very much to understand the importance of that.  We put in a lot of attention and a lot of resources into reimaging the university,” added Schafer.

It’s a new image that celebrates the school’s mission and the spirit of North Dakota.

“We’re a mission that contributes to the state, to the region, and to the world.  We do that through our teaching, our research, and our service. This is a university that prides itself in promoting a spirit – an entrepreneurial spirit,” said Steve Light, Associate Provost of Academic Affairs at UND.

President Schafer and Associate Provost Light also consider this to be the best time to reboot the image of the university and look to the future.

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