Need a Vacation? Top Places to Go this Travel Season

We’re in the middle of February.

It’s the time many are tired of the cold and dreaming of a vacation.

Travel agents in Fargo say February and March are their busiest months.

Some travelers I spoke to say they can’t wait to trade in their boots for their sandals.

There travelers at Hector International Airport are on their way to Vegas and they have one thing on their mind.

“Break up the winter, get some sun for a little bit,” said one traveler we spoke to.
“To get a vacation get away from work for a little bit relax; sit by a pool,” said another.

“We’re excited for the weather, and the food, probably going to flip our sandals on and go enjoy the nice weather,” said a third.
As people try to get a break from winter, travel agents like Patty Auka of Travel Travel in Fargo say their phones are ringing off the hook.

For those of you searching for the best deal, she says Puerto Vallarta has the some of best prices this time of the year.
“Puerto Vallarta tends to be a good deal, because flight prices are reasonable, and hotel accommodations are reasonable, compared to any other destination that has all inclusive,” said Akua.
She says Punta Cana, and Cancun are also usually popular this time of the year, but one destination in particular has stood out among travelers.
Patty says one of the top places travelers have been looking to go this year is Costa Rica.
“We’ve seen a lot more people to Costa Rica, because airfare has been a lot more reasonable from this area. There have been more flights which makes it a little more convenient,” said Patty.
She says to ensure you get the best deal, it’s always best to plan ahead.
“Now we’re kind of getting a little tight on time, because a lot of things have been booked up. There’s still a lot of good deals out there but you have to be flexible with your dates and times,”said Patty.
Patty says she has had winter travelers book their trips as early as last May.

However, it does depend on where you plan on going.

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