Stranded Hector Passengers Feeling No Love for Grounded Allegiant Flight

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas but it doesn’t apply if your flight can’t make it there.

An Allegiant flight from Fargo to Las Vegas, scheduled last Friday, has been delayed, not once, not twice but several times.

Viewers who called in to the KVRR newsroom also told us the scheduled Vegas Sunday night flight did not take off and after several delays, is again rescheduled for later this week.

The plane is said to have mechanical issues.

Passengers were told that a mechanic was flown in to fix the problem.

Many passengers are telling us they have been planning romantic getaways for Valentine’s Day for months and are now left with some Allegiant vouchers…but they’re out the non-refundable Vegas hotels and car rentals they had lined up.

It’s been several days and passengers are not feeling the love after spending V-Day waiting for the flight to Sin City.

“So we’re waiting for this plane that’s probably in Utah coming here. And so we’re going to get to Vegas probably 9:30 tonight. So that gives us a whole day then we got to be at the airport at 9:30 Wednesday morning to come back. I mean come on,” said passenger Nathan Asleson.

His wife tells us she was so upset, she didn’t want to talk about it.

Multiple passengers are out hundreds of dollars due to the delays.

The next scheduled departure flight is set for February 17th at 5:16pm, but Allegiant is now telling passengers a special flight to Vegas will be made available to them at 1:00pm on Tuesday.