Spike in Flu Cases Not a Concern in North Dakota?

After a mild winter, we’re now seeing a spike in the flu season.

According to the CDC, the numbers of cases are rising across the whole nation.

February is the peak for flu season.

“Right now we’re not concerned about the number of flu cases. We feel that the vaccine this year was pretty comprehensive in terms of the type of cases that were seen,” says Epidemiologist Twila Singh of North Dakota Department of Health.

North Dakota Department of Health says that there was a delay in the flu season and now the numbers are where they should be, causing the sudden spike.

“We’re not anticipating any major issues with the flu season this year,” says Singh.

In the recent reports, there are no reported deaths or complications caused by the flu.

But even someone who rarely gets the flu shot, thinks it’s a sensible choice.

“I think they’re probably a good idea. I know that you get a blend of all the flu strings of the season. I got a pretty strong immune system, I’ve never really suffered from a lot of stuff so I usually just sort of past it off,” says Jarrod Anderson of Bismarck.

So far we’ve seen 285 reported flu cases in North Dakota.

Ward and Cass County are the top two in the state.

According to the ND Department of Health Influenza report, there are 83 cases reported for kids under 10 years old, which is double the numbers over the other age range.

“If you do get sick make sure to take your antivirals and making sure if you are sick, staying home. Don’t go wiping snot on people please. Don’t come to work if you have a fever and diarrhea, that kind of thing,” says Singh.
Even if there’s not a flu scare, to some, it’s better to be safe than sorry.
“I just do that every year because I have found when I do have it, I get through the winter without being ill,” says Char Maas of Fargo.
North Dakota Department of Health says they do expect the flu to start dropping off as we head into springtime.

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