Booby Trap Bras: Stay Safe, Stay Active

A woman turned a terrifying encounter into a new kind of self-defense.

Jennifer Cutrona was running alone on a trail near her home when a man burst out of the woods and attacked her.

“I’m really excited that I got away. But I know a lot of women aren’t that lucky,” she said.

But Jennifer says she was not going to let fear stop her from doing something she loved.

Instead, she got to work.

The Booby Trap Bra has a pocket in the front of a sports bra that can hold a special knife or pepper spray.

The weapon can be grabbed if an attack takes place.

The “Just in Case Knife Bra” sells for $54.99 with the special knife sold separately.

The “Just in Case Pepper Spray Bra” sells for $49.99.

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