Reliving a Walk Down The Aisle

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but how about a dress?
No matter how old you are.  A walk down the aisle is something you’ll never forget.

More than 100 years of local history floated down the aisles of United Church of Christ to support the Red River Art Gallery.

As models donned 30 vintage wedding gowns, many of the women who celebrated their special days in those dresses sat in the audience.

Behind every dress is a story.

“The thing with weddings is everyone who has had one can relate to the little things that go wrong, and the little quirks and the little individualities.  It’s just fun to share everyone’s stories together,” says emcee, Heather Voorhees.
And whether you got married in 2006 or 1944, the memories will never go away.
“I’m 97 years old, but they think it’s just great that I can tell these old stories,” says Louise Wieser of Breckenridge.
It was 72 years ago that Louise walked down the aisle, and, without hesitation, she remembers every detail.
“My bridesmaid…she had a suit, my sister was pregnant she couldn’t be bridesmaid so I got the first grade teacher and her boyfriend to stand up for us and we got married in a hurry,” says Wieser.
Thirty vintage dresses floated down the aisle, and with that came 30 different stories.
For Heather, her story comes with a little pain and a lot of laughs after discovering she bought two left shoes she still made it down the aisle.
“I kind of jammed my feet in there, and hobbled down the aisle and made it work,”says Voorhees.
For Karen, her favorite dress was a little bit more of a mystery.
“The cleaners called me and said I understand you’re having this show, but we’ve had this dress at the cleaners for so many years and no one has picked it up,” says Red Door Art Gallery President, Karen Engstrom.
But whatever the story and whatever the style, each dress tells a story and today, those stories came back to life.

As for that mystery dress, Karen tells me someone ended up recognizing the dress.

It turns out it was her mothers. How it ended up at the cleaners is still a mystery.