Police Investigate South Fargo Homicide

Landon Lauwagie, 22, is a person of interest in the death of a south Fargo woman and has been found and detained in Southern Minnesota.

Forty-year-old Cory Terlecky was found dead last night in her townhome.
Neighbors say it was Terlecky’s open garage door which led someone to check on the 40-year old woman.

It was then that a neighbor discovered her body in a pile of blood and called police.

While police have located Lauwagie, whether he is a suspect or not is still unclear.

Just around 7:30 last night this quiet townhouse complex was filled with sirens and flashing lights.

A startling scene for those who call this area home.
“It’s just totally unnatural to happen where children play in the driveway and young boys shoot hoops,” said a neighbor.
Neighbors found 40-year-old Cory Terlecky dead inside her townhouse.

How long the body had been there is still unknown.
“I don’t believe there was any signs of forced entry into the residence,” said Deputy Chief Joe Anderson of the Fargo Police Department. “How long she may have been there I don’t know.”
This morning, Fargo Police identified 22-year-old Landon Lauwagie as a person of interest.

There are still questions about the relationship between Lauwagie and Terlecky.
“They’re still trying to piece the relationship together and I’ll lose that term loosely because they might just be acquaintances,” said Deputy Chief Anderson.
This neighbor was returning home from bible study when she was unable to get in the driveway.

Police then escorted her into her home.
“And he said now I’ll walk you into your home and I said ‘did something bad happen’ and he said yes very bad,” explained the neighbor.
Police didn’t leave the scene until early this morning. A scene that still has neighbors wanting answers.

Police are still waiting on an autopsy to determine the cause of death.

They are looking into the possibility of it being a drug crime.

Lauwagie has a pending domestic violence case against him in Cass County.

Friends of Cory’s are sharing their shock and sadness about her sudden death on her Facebook page.

One person wrote: “RIP kind soul. My heart is saddened to read that you have been taken from us. May your death be met with swift and appropriate justice.”

Another said: “Rest in peace Cory Terlecky, beautiful soul taken too soon…I pray that justice is served.”

And this entry: “This is just heartbreaking, Cory was a wonderful person. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and her family.”

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