Ugly Food In F-M Gets National Press

It may not be pretty to look at, but ugly food from Fargo-Moorhead is getting national attention.

A Huffington Post article features an interview with Gia Rassier with the group “Ugly Food of the North”.

She talks about the growth of the group, which promotes buying and eating imperfect looking fruit to reduce food waste.

Foodies in the area have organized farmers markets for hosted events centered around the ugly ducklings of the produce aisle.

Their next target is trying to convince Walmart to stock imperfect food through a petition.

She says, “If they’re willing to carry imperfect produce, I think that it’ll give farmers markets and smaller retailers kind of the go-ahead, it’s OK to do it and consumers will be OK with it.”
You can find out more about “Ugly Food of the North” and its petition by visiting the group’s website.