More Americans Opt For A Vacation On Wheels

Instead of jetting away to a tropical destination, it turns out Americans are opting for a vacation on wheels.
Back in ’08, the banking crisis nearly wiped out the RV industry.

Now, sales haven’t been better.

RV dealers say millennials are a big reason for the boom in business, making vacationing on wheels popular once again.
“We’ve got quite a few in here and we’re getting more all of the time,” says RVer, Dennis Richardson.
Dennis Richardson and his wife Beth are constantly making new friends.
“Probably somebody from every part of the country here,” says Richardson.
But this book of friends wouldn’t be possible without these four wheels.
“We’re required to have more inventories on the ground because of the fact that the people want more choices,” says Adenture RV Manager, Mike Boe.
Along with more inventory, Boe has had to increase his staff and change the way he advertises, catering to a new kind of customer: millennials.
“I think that they camped with their parents as kids and they want to bring that out for their kids,” says Boe.
In the past five years, RV sales are continuing to go through the roof, each year sales continue to go up by 10 to 15%.
Low gas prices are also helping business.
“Instead of maybe two or three times a month they’re trying to use them every weekend,” says Boe.
“I think the people in the campgrounds they’re like us, they want to go and have a good time,” says Richardson.
A good time that is soon winding down for the Richardson’s. Soon it’s back to work for the farming family. But whatever the harvest yields, Dennis won’t forget his memories.
“From snow storms to hail storms to being almost too hot to be in it,” says Richardson.
Only made possible, by these four wheels.

Boe says because of the demand, RV’s are becoming more of a luxury.

He says customers expect amenities like bigger TV screens, leather seats and even central air.