North Dakota’s First Vegan Restaurant To Open

The state’s first ever vegan restaurant is set to open in Fargo.

People who are vegan don’t eat anything that comes from an animal.

One local business is trying to cater to this growing population.

So far people are giving the thumbs up.
“I think people think of vegan food as not being super filling and satisfying. But it is very delicious,” says Marit Eriksmoen of Fargo. 
At the Red River Farmers Market, Chef Joey Haynes’ food stand, Green House Café is a hit.
Eriksmoen adds, “I like meat, but I like vegetarian stuff too. But I’m not afraid of vegan stuff.”
With menu items like rice bowl fusions and refreshing mango lemonade, people are excited about the new flavors.
“It’s great to have more options in town, just more interesting things to do,” says  Jeff Mangen of Fargo.
Haynes is taking his eight years of kitchen experience and bringing more selection to the valley.

To him, it hits close to home.
Haynes explains, “I’ve been vegan for a few years now, and I just know that from the vegan community that it’s hard to find vegan food here. That’s just a struggle for everyone. To get rid of that would be great. And to provide somewhere for everyone to eat is kind of the point of it.”
But opening the unique eatery came from bouncing ideas with his partner in crime Abigail.
“We were going to do a home body care product line but the whole idea was to have a cafe at some point in the near future,” says Haynes.
In a few weeks, Green House Café will be going from its temporary site at the farmers market to a permanent location in downtown Fargo.
“Just more local businesses and local food choices are a great thing to have in Fargo,” says Mangen.
And the local support continues with the café using local produce from farmers nearby.

Haynes says he plans to add vegan burgers, pasta, and dessert to the menu.
“The Fargo population is growing very quickly, and that just means the vegan community is growing quickly too,” says Haynes.
And people can’t wait for opening day.
“I work near downtown, so that’s for lunch,” says Eriksmoen.
The restaurant is set to open late August.

There is also a Kickstarter page to help with the cafe launch.