UPDATE: Fargo’s Bison Turf Destroyed by Inferno; Owner Says “It Will Be Back”

Firefighters are still on the scene of a fire at the Bison Turf in Fargo.

Officials say it looks like the local hotspot is a total loss.

The fire began about 2:15 p.m. Many college students and community members gathered at the scene for what is being called a neighborhood staple.

Many locals near NDSU couldn’t believe their eyes as they saw the Bison Turf engulfed in flames.

“This is like the Mecca of college.”
But Pete Sabo realized something was wrong just hours before the fire.
“We were smelling a smell. We closed the restaurant three hours ago to be safe. We never located the actual smell.”
The restaurant – while closed – had four employees inside. Sabo says they all escaped the fire unharmed.

Earlier in the day, Sabo suspected there was an electrical problem with his restaurant.

Sabo says electrical problem was found.

Soon after, flames swallowed the Turf, the roof falling down before his very eyes while standing across the street.

And he has an idea of how the blaze started.
“It was my exhaust fan from my kitchen. I saw a puff of smoke come out, and within 20 seconds. I saw flames, and I called 911.”
And while the Turf appears to be a total loss… Sabo says this turf will have a phoenix’s rise.
When I talked to Sabo earlier, he said the only regret he has with the turf is that he didn’t up his insurance premium on the business about ten years ago.

Regardless, he said he was thankful that this fire happened in the summer and not in the fall, so rebuilding it should be easier.


Reports say a roof fire started at the Bison Turf in north Fargo at around 2:30pm this afternoon at 1211 N University Ave.

Dispatch reports indicate the building has been cleared of people as firefighters respond to the blaze.

So far, there are no reports of anyone being trapped in the building or any potential injuries at this time.

KVRR reporter Russell Barnes says flames are shooting through the roof of the building and as fast as the flames are doused with flames, they are still growing.

He says the heat is causing the paint to peel from the sides of the building.

Check back for more on this developing story.

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