Local Kids Attend Art Camp to Beat the Heat

Some kids in Fargo find a creative way to beat the heat.

“We’re doing a lot of art. Kind of like painting projects and coloring sheets, this is a dolphin or a shark…. blah blah blah…,” says fifth grader Graeme Kulish.

Artists ages five to 14 gather here, in Make Room to learn all sorts of new things about art for the next four days.

“It’s kind of just an arts intensive week where they’re exposed to professional studio equipment and a lot of slightly structured creative times, so just kind of an opportunity to trust their creative instincts that they’re all born with in a quiet, nurturing environment to do that, says Chelsea Thorson, Owner of Make Room.

According to Law Street Media, the number of schools offering visual arts programs dropped from 87 percent in 1999–2000 to 83 percent in 2009–10.

Programs such as this one helps kids get their art time in.

“That’s kind of the goal, to give them that option, and the space and the time to come and sit, trust their creative instincts and make something together, says Thorson.

“It’s a very good art camp, so think about doing it, says student Pierce Fiechtner.

The young artists are painting watercolors and getting settled into the program.

Tomorrow, they’ll be coloring on the floor.

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